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Salvador Dali, Summer.


went to a garden centre but my mum said I’m not allowed to buy any more plants

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MGMT - Flash Delirium

“You will realise, that this combination of red-ochre, of green gloomed over by grey, the black streaks surrounding the contours, produce something of the sensation of anguish called ‘rouge-noir’, from which certain of my companions in misfortunes suffer.” ~ Vincent  van Gogh to Emile Bernard


Favourite way to wake up. Alone in the truck with a gnarly view. 👌

oh my god GOALS


Lake Ontario - by Thomas

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"I can’t stand it to think my life is going so fast and I’m not really living it."


Ernest Hemingway

I think about this often.

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Big Sur ↬ David Rose

A Photo a Day, 2014. Lifestyle and Adventure Photography Blog.

Took these photos with my phone on a roadtrip a few years ago. The California Coast is my escape, and it’s always only a matter of time before I’m racing back into her arms again. 

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